Empowering kids and young people

To show how super cool Pippi Longsticking is, Annika had to be as uncool as possible. But it’s actually really important that there are also calm and cautious kids and people…. Without Hermione, Harry Potter would have died in volume one. A flower would have killed him.
Carolin Kebekus

Quiet & Cool – group training for children and teenagers who want to overcome their shyness and realize their full potential

Between one-third and one-half of the world’s population describe themselves as quiet. Yet in many cultures and contexts, we get the impression an ideal child or adolescent is out-going. In our schools out-going children are often favored and in our workplaces we look out for charismatic leaders. Many parents of quiet children therefore worry if their introverted kids will find their way and succeed in life.
The Quiet & Cool program supports children and teens to challenge their fear, recognize their own strengths, and grow into confident and thriving young people. Parents learn how to recognize both the needs and strengths of their quiet children in the “Quiet & Cool – Parent Coaching” program. Well equipped and confident, parents will be able to support their children to be as wonderful as they are – calm and cool!

Trust yourself and choose your own way! Growing up with strength and serenity – a resilience program for teenagers

Freedom means that you don’t necessarily have to do everything the way other people do. Astrid Lindgren
Being a teenager can be quite difficult. You’ve probably noticed that, too. Maybe you feel totally lonely one moment and in the next moment, when you get a message from a friend, this feeling is completely gone. Do you sometimes have the impression that no one understands you? When you are with your friends, you probably often manage to forget all these unpleasant feelings, but as soon as you are alone, they are back again, the loneliness, the sadness and the insecurity.
Does this sound familiar? If so, you are not alone!
Such feelings of insecurity and self-doubt are familiar to most teenagers (and adults). However, sometimes the insecurity, doubt or fear takes over and you may no longer be able to follow what is really important to you. You may realize that you are often overwhelmed and feel stuck.
In this training, you will learn how to confidently deal with self-doubt or insecurity. You will also have the opportunity to discover what is really important to you in life.
Together we will find ways to listen less to your inner critical voice and to deal with challenges in a more self-confident and compassionate way. Nothing and no one should be able to stop you from doing the things you enjoy and find fulfilling. The self-confident part of you – your inner friend believes in you! Together we will discover and strengthen it!
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