We are not meant to do it all alone!
Brené Brown

Supervision is the guided reflection about one’s behavior in a professional context and about organizational structures. For me, supervision is always systemic, context-related. The focus lies on the interaction between a person, a role, a function, a mission and an organization. In supervision, the main goal is to expand the possibilities of thoughts and behaviors. I offer the space for a process between the supervisees as experts of their own person and their work and the supervisor as the one with an outside perspective. This more distant view on individual, professional and organizational topics, interactions, patterns and processes offers an opportunity to choose what can and should be changed and what should be maintained. Supervision provides the opportunity to change perspective on factors not usually seen, so that new solutions become visible.

The focus of supervision is the professional and personal development of individuals, teams, groups, leaders and organizations. Accordingly, I offer supervision in the form of individual, group, team and leadership supervision.

Reflecting on professional tasks and responsibilities can help gain confidence and improve the quality of your professional life. In supervision, appreciation is an important key. Appreciation moves mountains! Appreciating your own path leads to more success and fulfillment in your career.