And suddenly you just know…It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.
Meister Ekhart
Coaching is supporting a person, group or organization during change. The coaching process focuses on the development of new or existing potentials of a person, group or organization.
The goal is to develop new perspectives, strategies and guiding principles for yourself and to integrate these into your own actions.
The main focus is on strengthening your competencies and developing your resources in your family system or in your professional context. The path and goal are determined by you.
For me as a systemic coach it is important to understand the coachee, group or organization in the context of their relationships to others in the work and family system and to develop alternatives so that new and more coherent behaviors become possible.
As your coach, I see myself as your ally in discovering your personal inner wealth of possibilities. You will learn how to access your individual strengths and abilities so that your entire potential can unfold.
The solution is already there. It lies within you. Let’s discover it together.